Company Profile

Vasha Compound- FREEPORT

Vasha’s has grown to be an unwavering and competitive force in the food distribution industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Our desire is for you to know and understand all that we offer, as we continue to dedicate ourselves to innovate and advance to better serve you.


Vasha’s Food Ltd, well known for its small beginnings in the production of various types of burger patties, is now a vastly growing company that also provide consumers with a range of imported goods including meat, poultry and fish, as well as a number of frozen food items.

Under our Fresh Farms subsidiary company, we also distribute both local and imported fruits and vegetables. We also house a Fresh Farms retail outlet at our compound for the convenience of our customers.

Our products are distributed throughout both Trinidad and Tobago to various supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and catering companies. We have over 35 well equipped and refrigerated distribution trucks that allow us the opportunity to supply our customers with quality products in a timely matter.

We also deliver weekly supplies to Tobago, with 2 distributions trucks operating there as well. With a facility of over 25,000 sq ft, we are well positioned to service our customers.

Our team is made up motivated and skilled employees, who work extensively to ensure that our quality and consistency is always at its maximum. We thrive on honesty, quality and we work earnestly to meet growing demands for healthy and affordable food products.